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Zero Hour – Skirmish AI Scripts

Zero Hour – Skirmish AI Scripts30 DownloadsThe Zero Hour Skirmish AI scripts pack. It includes the Default Skirmish AI and a slim version of the Advanced Skirmish AI Mod. Download […]

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Skirmish AI – AirForce General

Skirmish AI – AirForce General60 DownloadsHi, This is just the default Skirmish AI. But it has been revised, that you can read and comprehend it. On top of it, an […]

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Capture The Flag (CTF) Scripts

Capture The Flag (CTF) Scripts91 Downloads2 Player Map ( 1v1 )4 Player Map ( 1v1v1v1 )4 Player Map ( 2v2 )5 Player Map ( 1v1v1v1v1 )6 Player Map ( 1v1v1v1v1v1 […]

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