Snake Hunt
Snake Hunt

“Snake Hunt” Mission Briefings

Welcome to the Briefing of Operation Snake Hunt Commander, Intelligence has heard through our contacts in a nearby Arab Village friendly to our side, that Jarman Hassan, a top GLA assassin & sniper was accused and convicted of plotting the assignation Abdul Ben Laden, head of the GLA. He is due to be executed by hanging in 48 hours and is being held in a GLA detention and Interrogation camp located Southeast of your drop location, We’re sure Jarman Hassan can tell us the location where Abdul Ben Laden’s base is located,

YOUR MISSION is to free Jarman Hassan, find out the location of Abdul Ben Laden and assassinate him Commander, additional troops will be dropped to reinforce your team once Jarman Hassan is freed and the detention camp has been secured. Jarman Hassan will tell us where Abdul Ben Laden is located, capture the Radar Truck to show his location, he is in a heavily defended base location, you can identify Abdul Ben Laden by his traditional Blue Arabian garments. Intelligence knows of an abandoned GLA supply depot in the Village about 5 Clicks to the East of your current location, if you need additional reinforcements, capture the GLA Supply Depot and the Locals will help provide Heavy Arms for the completion of your mission GOOD LUCK COMMANDER!

Created By:

David Paularena
AKA Tunakillerr
Las Vegas, NV