Single Player Map – Circle of Light

It is a fantastic map by spyVspy. Really love it.

Circle of Light

by spyVspy

An insane and genocidal Emperor wants to control your land. You have resisted successfully so far, and he has decided to destroy your capitol city with a giant superweapon: the Particle Uplink Array. An escaped prisoner has learned that the satellite required to direct this weapon is almost in position now. You must destroy this weapon before it can fire, and save your city, or you will be DEFEATED.

To win you must destroy the uplink array and all the enemy base structures on the map.

There are some helpful items at your base: two nuke trucks. Use them carefully.

[Note: this map includes the original GLA music tracks.]

The report below has additional info that may be useful.

****************** INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING *****************************

[please refer to attached file satellite_photo.jpg]

We have learned of a secret weapons project, code named “Circle of Light”. This weapon is a massive array of particle uplink canons which can fire simultaneously. The resulting beam can devastate an entire city within seconds. A satellite has been launched into an orbit which will take it over the city within hours, enabling the uplink array to fire.

The location of the array is over the mountains to the north of the city. It is fortified and guarded by heavy armor units and aircraft.

One of our rebels, who was being held prisoner and escaped, has observed the enemy positions as he made his way back to our territory.

There is a large air base for long range bombers, which stand ready to strike. Since the enemy knows we have air defenses near the city he won’t use them. But if the array is threatened by our long range scuds, he may risk a counterattack.

They have two bases to provide reinforcements to the ground defenses. They are labeled B1 and B2. B1 is high in the mountains and difficult to assault. B2 is more lightly defended though it will take a large assault force to successfully raid.

Directly across the river they have constructed earthen fortifications to slow any attack. There is a heavy armor division guarding the area, although the bulk of the force is camped out in a small valley over the hills to the west [see area C1] We may be able to stage a surprise attack on this field camp and destroy the heavy armor units before their crews can get them operational.

We have two functional nuclear warheads available. Since the scuds are not capable of carrying this payload, we have rigged them with timers in large trucks. The trucks are wired so that if they are attacked the weapon will detonate, taking out nearby enemy units.

******************* EOB ***************************