Cradle Summit
Cradle Summit

Operation Cradle Summit

Military Briefings

Situation: GLA has been organizing terrorist activities in Shiraz, Provincial Capital of Fars, in order to obtain more money for their cause. If the GLA keep the control of this area, their resources will increase a lot more than the expected, and this may bring problems in a near future.

Objective: Destroying all the GLA factories and defense structures will force them to leave this area. Locate the GLA headquarters and destroy all of their operating structures.

We currently have an operating outpost in Shiraz, and Commanches are already scouting the territory, looking for the GLA base.

Intelligence reports that they might be hiding in the mountains, to the North of our current position – If that is true, you won’t have many options to attack their base, since that territory is generally inaccessible.

General, this is a mission of major importance for the US forces. Go to Shiraz, assume control of the US outpost and eliminate the GLA forces.

Good luck, General.

— Satellite Uplink Closed —

Technical Operations

Installing the Map

Make a new folder called “Cradle Summit” inside the “Command and Conquer Generals Data \ Maps” folder, on “My Documents”. After creating it, extract all the files inside the ZIP into this folder and the map shall appear on the “Un-Official” maps list, inside Generals.

General Hints

Tips to Become a Better General

Destroying the GLA Radar Van will remove the jamming over our satellites covering the combat area. Destroying it will reveal the entire map.

Capturing the Hospital might be beneficial to this mission, General. Infantry will be able to auto heal.

Sometimes, the best defense is the attack. Try to obtain control of most parts of the map.

The GLA is tricky, and will use the terrain as an advantage. Be prepared for traps and ambushes.