Mountain Guns

Mountain Guns
A mission for Zero Hour
Creators Comment:

Greetings General,

We regret to inform you that our Special Operations Agent, Colonel Burton, has been reported MIA. He was on a C130 freight transport scheduled to land at our final Airbase in the Northern Himalayas, to which the Colonel had been dispatched with his team to defend against incoming armies of GLA and Chinese battalions. Unfortunately, their plane was shot down somewhere in the Lesser Himalayas south of the Nepal-China border. Recent GLA activity had been reported in these sectors, but numbers have spiked since the last report. We have several planes loaded with paratroopers awaiting our command. Upon any clue that they are still alive, we will send airborne strike teams to those areas to aid and protect Colonel Burton’s team in order to wait for the Chinooks sent from the nearby airbase. We will have a Spectre Gunship circling those sites ready to fire on any selected targets and two A-10s coming in from the North West.
The GLA occupation has installed a railway line throughout local regions to transport their goods and soldiers. New satellite imagery has shown that there are many soldiers in nearby areas and a fortress to the North West. If we reach the Colonel and his team, the best course of action would be to take the stronghold from the GLA and dig in until transports arrive. If the enemy decides to launch a counter attack, then the hills would be the ideal place to defend against most ground forces. After capturing the stronghold we will send more reinforcements, up to and including some Tomahawk Launchers. Special Agents have been trained to repair buildings extremely quickly and place and disarm demolitions traps. They have advanced stealth detection and movement skills and will be crucial for removing bombs safely. While taking the fort it will be important to capture as many artillery platforms and to clear bunkers with Flashbangs without damaging them. Colonel Burton had an improved weapon with a higher rate of fire, and his covert team, but it’s very unlikely that anyone survived the plane crash. If Colonel Burton isn’t rescued and returned to our last Asian outpost, then chances of keeping the airbase against the enemy will be slim.
We are completely set for this operation, we just need any signal that he is still alive. But knowing our Colonel, we’ll probably see an explosion very soon.
You play as Colonel Burton who has just crashed his plane in the Himalayas and has to find his team, then escape these treacherous mountains from the GLA.

Known Bugs:
When playing this map for the First Time,Pathfinder’s & Colonel Burton’s weapon may not function after reaching the plane and gaining radar.
While playing this map or restarting, there is a small chance that your game might spontaneously crash. Save oftento prevent data loss.
Important: Unresolved is an issue with the Chemical Suits Upgrade. Do not attempt to purchase this mod when implementing the INI to another game.
Enemy soldiers may fly across the map clinging to their parachute whilst playing the final stage. This is to be expected and is just a side effect.
The game may lag badly nearer to the end.

This map is the sequel to The Western Front and the prelude to Secret Mountains. And part of a new storyline.
With a special thanks to: SkyMix_RMT for his feedback and playtesting. AdrianeYves[DeathScythe] for your great support, testing and guiding me through the final stages of development, and to UnknownEditor for your own modifications and creative input. Thank you C&C labs and all the people there for posting bug fixes and INI modifications.
And, always, thank you Beng and MajorDamage.

——To Contact me——
Do you need help during the game? Found a bug?
My email address is:
Or get a quick reply on Discord: Newgate#0636

Feel free to take what Modifications you need as long as you credit me.
This map and INI was made by Ben Burgoyne, AKA Newgate