Golden Retribution
Golden Retribution

“Golden Retribution”

Jarmen, your job is to teach the United States of Infidels a lesson they won’t forget. Jarmen you must blow up the Golden Gate Bridge, Kill the Secretary of State and shoot down Airforce One with the Vice President aboard.

Use the ferry to travel across the Bay, the Vice President is speaking to the troops there at Fort Winfield Scott. Make sure the Vice President leaves in his Limo for the Airport, you must have your rockets on top of the old WWII Gun Battery by the North Side of the bridge, you will intercept and shoot down Airforce One from there.

If Allah is with you Jarmen, and you survive this most Holy of missions, we will have a small Plane waiting for you at an Airfield to the North West. ……..Allah be Praised!

Created By:

David Paularena
AKA Tunakillerr
Las Vegas, NV