Capture the Flag Scripts v2
Capture the Flag Scripts v2

Capture the Flag Scripts v2:

I finally got done – the Capture the Flag scripts updated. Several improvements went into it. The script is completely redone and optimized. And on top of all the AI is working now.

Fixed in v2: – There was an error occuring, when you take out a player via flags who is holding another flag in that moment. That is now fixed.

Available Capture the Flag Script Variations

2 Player Map ( 1v1 )
3 Player Map ( 1v1v1 )
4 Player Map ( 1v1v1v1 )
4 Player Map ( 2v2; 2v1; 1v1 )
5 Player Map ( 1v1v1v1v1 )
6 Player Map ( 1v1v1v1v1v1 )
6 Player Map ( 2v2v2; 2v2v1; 2v1v1; 1v1v1 )
7 Player Map ( 1v1v1v1v1v1v1 )
8 Player Map ( 2v2v2v2 )

All scripts are provided with template maps. So if you like Capture the Flag in Generals and if want to create your own map with CTF, you can focus on the design of the map right away.
The script already works in every template map. Just edit the map as you like it.

You can of course export all scripts and import it to your existing map. Just make sure to have a similar Player List in Worldbuilder and import it.

If there are open questions, please ask in the comments to this post.

Feedback for me on or on youtube here

A special Thanks to Unknown Editor and Newgate for their help during the scripting, thanks to SkyMix_RMT for the capture sound design, and thanks to Legionaire for the testing and hints for improvements of the new CTF Game!