CtF Map Pack beta3 Scripts

FAQ for Capture the Flag:
1. Why are the Flags always turn in wine red? Not in players (owners color)?
=> A matter of time currently. And who knows about new bugs.
=> So you have only the status information “uncaptured” (white flag), “capturing” (flashing flag) and “captured” (red flag).

2. How to capture?
=> Get any ground unit inside the circle around the flags. Ground units can capture from air too (inside a Chinook for example).

3. Why flashes the flag still after unit died before it has captured it in time?
=> It flashes 3 times 5 seconds, that will always be for 5 sec at least. Earlier versions have up to 23 sec the blinking. dw

4. Can I kill myself accidentally?
=> No.

5. How to get someone killed?
=> A single player or his team mate (in Team version) needs to capture 2 flags.
=> Always the Flag in the center plus the flag of the enemy you want to die.

6. Do I need to kill the other players via capturing only?
=> No.

7. Can 2 player capture same flag at same time?
=> Yes. More than 1 player can hold a flag at same time.

8. Does it count flags from both players in team map?
=> Yes. It counts teamwise.

9. Can I send feedback anywhere????
=> Yes, please! On youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb9hORvIcTg
=> If you find a bug -> Please report there

Change Log for Capture the Flag
Change Log1:
[done] – it must be impossible to build anything inside the area
[done] – sound bug (permanent beep while gliding on the edge of area)
[done] – adding flash light effect during capturing delay time
[done] – make all flags visible for all players
[done] – captured color for confirmation should be an unused color
[done] – local sound effects instead of global sounds
[done] – killing only a certain team not all enemies at once (owning flag in mid plus the enemy’s flag)

Change Log2 beta1:
[done] – the red bins under the flag should be indestructable
[done] – time for capturing should be fixed on 15 sec? = 15 sec
[done] – chinook with units inside can ativate the flag (solution over capture time? 15sec version and 23sec will be prepared)
[done] – toxin worker needs to be added to the list of ground units
[done] – preparing a tutorial video map to introduce CtF to players
[done] – teams should be able activate kills teamwise, now it counts flags player-wise only
[done] – Capture Sound all 5 sec (3 times); blinking and beeps stop in a good time with exit of trigger areas during the capturing

Change Log3 beta2:
[done] – automatically Disable for scripts for the player(s) which die, to improve performance
[done] – color bug fixed (a captured flag does not turn to white when another player crosses the area of the flag)

Change Log4 beta3:
[done] – changed closing scripts for players, it sets the flag counters of a player to zero now, if a player dies
[done] – color changed to wine red almost a bit purple… not red anymore

Change requests:
[open] – numbers on map surface on each flag and each base to identify which is which on team map
[open] – adding a radar event for capturing moments
[open] – add unveiling of stealth units while standing on the falg spot, cause I think stealth general has privileges againt china if he got their power down.

A special Thanks to Unknown Editor and Newgate for their help during the scripting, and Legionaire for the testing and hints for improvements of that new CtF!