Tutorial Part 02

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Skirmish AI

As you can see, the Default Skirmish AI has some errors which are wrong named Teams, Timers and objects in scripts. Of course you can always script your own Skirmish AI entirely. But we do correcting this now and saving time.

7. Correction of Skirmish AI Scripts and Teams after Import

I am using the Default EA Skirmish AI Script for my example, because the different levels Easy, Normal and Hard are better scripted to be different. But there will be some errors in scripting we have to correct and edit. Just don’t wonder about it. The slim Adavanced Skirmish AI script has almost no difference between Normal and Hard Level. But you will probably have a stronger behavior of Skirmish Enemy and a bit less to edit.

My chosen enemy faction was SkirmishChinaInfantryGeneral in my example. First we will have to correct some script errors after import.

First is a wrong named Team.

The Team we need is that one in Team Builder.

Here we find it easy with the dropdown menu in scripts.

The next errors are wrong named timer and script name.

Just rename it how it was supposed to be. And Verify scripts. The question marks will vanish by this, if it is correct now.

Next errors in upgrades folder has not existing Skirmish AI faction named. We have Infantry Skirmish AI in our example, so let us put it in instead.

The last errors are in Garrison Folders. In our map will be the Startposition for the Skirmish AI always fix on Startpostion 3 (Waypoint Player_3_Start), we will only need the scripts and teams for Player(of Startposition)3 Garrison1, Player3 Garrison2 and Player3 Garrison3. Even now we have to add and name 3 buidlings on our map for it.

We can also delete the teams in Team Builder, which were for the other startpositions. Then we have to reduce the count of Garrison teams to these 3 only:

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