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Basic Map Preparation

In the following I will show step by step what needs to be done to implement a COOP Map with dual AI for Zero Hour. There will be almost no justification as to why something is done as it is shown. Rather a straight path to the COOP map with dual AI will be shown. Instead, the scripting will be illustrated with a few examples.

Let’s begin and prepare a map with the basics.

1. Create a new map with optimal dimensions (not too big). In video part 01 I have 200×260 size chosen for the example map.

2. Mark space for the Default Base Design of the Default Skirmish AI. The AI template structure in objects has exactly the size of Brush Width of 95 cells in texture brush tool.

3. Add Waypoints, Areas and Scripts including Teams for Skirmish AI.
Waypoints: Player_1_Start; Player_2_Start; Player_3_Start
Waypathes: Center1, ..., Center3; Flank1, ..., Flank3; BackDoor1, ..., BackDoor3; (Direction of Arrows into its own Innerperimeter.)
a. SkirmishWorld (Lay it right below the orange border.)
b. CombatZone
c. Innerperimeter and Outerperimeter for each Startposition (1,2,3)

4. Add Skirmish Players and import your Skirmish AI script including Teams.

You can download the Skirmish AI Scripts here:

Zero Hour – Skirmish AI Scripts

The Zero Hour Skirmish AI scripts pack.

It includes the Default Skirmish AI and a slim version of the Advanced Skirmish AI Mod.

5. Check if Teams also been imported with the script.

6. Edit Player List again. I made my choice for a SkirmishFaction and then remove the other SkirmishFactions from the list. After that set up the list as shown in the next picture. I have chosen InfantryGeneral in this example. Then I added 2 New Player for Civilian AI. CompEnemy and CompFriend because by that you can script nice intros in Mission style later. Furthermore CompEnemy will be the support for our Skirmish AI. Change their colors to custom unique colors. That they don’t can have same color as a player from lobby. Black is shown as white ingame, so if you want it, you need to pick an almost black tone.

Adding player0 – player7 as Observer Faction will help us with the scripting later. Those players represents the 8 Slots in Lobby before you start a game. That names are the identifier for the Slots, shown in the following picture. And as we add these players in the list, we can use the Verify button in scripts without issues because of its use.

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