Capture the Flag Map Pack

Just before the holidays, now at the end of 2021, the time has finally come. Some people know it already, but Capture the Flag in Zero Hour is still unknown to many. That’s why there is now the big CTF Map Pack for you. 80 maps to try out and have fun in one package.

For the people who don’t know it yet, here is a short explanation about Capture the Flag. It is actually quite simple. You have to capture and hold the flag of an opponent, or the opposing team with ground troops. To make it not too easy, you also have to hold the flag in the middle of the map for the kill. So in the game you have everything as usual, except that you should still protect a small area around your flag. Tactically, another point has been added here so to say. So you can still win a game in the last second if your opponent is not careful.

Short: You have to capture 2 flags to win. The one in the middle of the map and the one of the opponent.

The maps also work for games against the computer and the computer also captures the flags. So it’s ideal to get familar with the whole thing.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did, or at least try some of the cards.

Have fun

CTF Map Pack

CTF Map Pack – A collection of 82 Capture the Flag Maps for Zero Hour. Team versions and FFA version for all number of players maps.

Update 12/5/2021
– updated balanced map version CTF — Ancient Keep v5 added
– Bonus Map CTF — Autum Nights v1 added
– Bonus Map CTF — Forgotten Realm v1 added

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