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This is a small competition to see what remixes of existing official maps we can get. So for example, Defcon 6 and Twilight Flame are probably the most popular 3v3 maps of all time, but they’re still in their official state. Who’s to say some new 2021 editions of these maps with your own creative twist on them won’t be the next big thing? You can also remix unpopular official maps such as Winter Whiteout, Iron Dragon, Death Valley, Frontline, any other super unpopular map. You can also (with owner permission) remix unpopular unnofficial maps such as Conflict Zone and Christmas ZH, which never get played. Could these be revived?

Deadline for submission:
Friday 10th Sept 2021 @ 23:59 (end of the day)

– $60 total prize pool, sponsored by akabolony
– $20 awarded for the top 3 maps (so 3x prizes of $20 in total)
– Prizes paid by PayPal
– Judging will be done via public poll on gamereplays

Maps to submit:
1v1,2v2,3v3,4v4 maps. The idea behind this mini competition is to take some of the official maps originally made by EA and re-configure them for 2021 – consider it like a remix of classic songs. For example, you might make Defcon 6 into snow style, remove the cars, move the CC away from the supplies, balance the buildings that can hit the oils (bottom left position can’t), you might change the supplies position in the middle, change the building in the middle, change the amount of supplies between players, buff the small spots to make them stand a chance in FFA games etc.

It is recommend not to make versions of maps that already have new versions, like Wasteland Warlods, Final Crusade, Forgotten Forrest, TD, all these kind of maps. I am talking maps that never really had a new version created.

If there is 1-2 obscure versions of a map that nobody ever heard of or played, then these are still ok to go ahead (e.g. there is a defcon frost map that not many people saw but it does change the map quite a lot).

You can also submit remixes of your own old maps if nobody really plays on them or any other UNOFFICIAL MAP if you get agreement from the original maker AND it is not played very often.

This topic is all about reviving old maps and also trying to create newer better versions of already popular maps in the hope they might become the next big thing.

– Any map size 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, FFA
– Original EA maps, unpopular RANKed maps (with owner permission) or your own unpopular maps
– There must be at least a decent amount of changes, minor bug fixes or moving 1-2 buildings will be ignored
– Please post your maps here
– Maps must be your own edits (with permission from original owner if neccessary)
– You may enter unlimited times
– Please only submit final versions of maps. This topic is not for testing but for final versions only. Please test outside of this topic / seek feedback from experts and other players privately
– No weird stuff like civilian supply drop zones
– No voices in beginning
– Not too much text at start
– Don’t remove original owner credits if applicable
– No complex INI files that require a reboot of game after transfer

Recommendations / Advice
– Think about the most popular maps right now, how many oils and supplies do they have per player, consider this when adding/removing supplies
– What original maps are there, that never really get played? Winter Whiteout, Iron Dragon, Free Fire Zone, Green Pastures, Frontline (1v1 map), Desert Fury. Can we make these into popular maps?
– What official maps get played often but have never been updated? Defcon 6, Twilight, Hostile Dawn. What creative twist can you add to these? Change terrain textures from green to desert or snow? bug fixes? change supplies / oils? change terrain? look at things like original Sand Serpent and we now have Sand Scropion which is pretty much played every tournament. Can your map be the next Sand Serpent >>>> Sand Scroption evolution?

Further information and submissions on Gamereplays here:

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