There is an upcoming event for worldbuilders. Newgate is conducting this event and you can register and take part via Discord in the Worldbuilder Community.


  • 5% Sounds
    This includes ambient noises such as waves, birds, wind, etc. Most mappers forget to add these in even though they make a huge impact.
  • 5% Code
    Add some extra special decoration to your map using a map.ini! If you make changes to the gameplay the judges will decide whether it’ll affect the score.
  • 10% Geometry
    Most of the map should be ocean, though we still want you to be creative with the land. Ramps into the sea, the amount of rise
  • 20% Texturing
    Do a good job! minimal Good texturing and pretty choices will elevate any map. Blend errors or stretched textures will count towards the score.
  • 30% Balance
    The map needs to be fair for every player (or team). Each team has to have even spawn points, and no team should be preferred over another.
  • 30% Compatibility
    How well the fits in with the game mode! If your map has a too much land or the water is cut into separate parts then it won’t score well here.

Info / Rules

  • The contest starts on the 20th of August and ends on the 10th of September, lasting 3 weeks.
  • There’ll be 10 winning maps. The top 3 will earn $20 each, and the other 7 will earn $10 each.
  • You can make any kind of skirmish map with any number of players. 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, FFA, etc.
  • You are only allowed to submit 2 maps in total, with an upload limit of 5 versions each map.
  • You’re not allowed to use somebody else’s map unless you make large-scale changes to it.
  • Server rules still apply. Moderators can delete inappropriate messages and issue warnings.
  • The maps will be judged by expert mappers who can relay important feedback through me.
  • I’ll edit final versions of maps to add system scripts / buildings such as Shipyards and Oil Rigs.
  • If more money is donated to the prizepool then the number of maps that win $20 will increase.
  • The 10 winning maps will be featured in my official [Naval] map pack and uploaded together.


  • You’re allowed to ask for help with understanding the game mode and its elements.
  • Learn a bit about it before you start. Balcora’s Gate can be downloaded below.
  • Keep the Seabed flat to avoid water locomotors bugging out.
  • Most of the world should be open water, with supply loaded islands and the occasional Oil Platform.
  • The player’s islands don’t have to be very big either, so you have plenty of time to be creative with the layout and decoration.
  • Install the “[Naval] Worldbuilder Guide Pack” attached below to help you see how big the Shipyards and Oil Platforms will be in-game.
  • Be creative!

About The Game Mode
The Navy’s ships come in three different classes:

  • Corvettes; Small, fast and amphibious ships that are key to a strong early game
  • Frigates; Medium size and medium speed ships that form the backbone of any fleet
  • Capitals; Large ships that are slow but pack a punch

Each class has its own counters and disadvantages. Aurora Bombers are capable of decimating Frigates and Capitals, Ion Cannon Frigates can mow down groups of Corvettes, and some Avenger Corvettes or Flak Frigates will take out Aircraft with ease.
But the Navy doesn’t JUST have boats – we have our own Buildings, Generals Powers, and even our own Superweapon (don’t mention this to the USA).

The Navy’s buildings are built to be sturdy:

  • The Navy Headquarters is the Navy’s Command Center and can not be rebuilt.
  • The Shipyard is a building that exists already that can construct any ship – and the only place that can build Capitals.
  • Mobile Shipyards can also construct Corvettes and Frigates as well as act as a mobile supply center.
  • Quonset Huts are where you train Missile Defenders and SEALs, and can be garrisoned by 5 soldiers.
  • The Supply Dock and Airfield need no explanation.
  • The Secret Research Lab is where important upgrades are bought, and is a superweapon armed with a variant of the Particle Cannon.
  • The Oil Depot is a source of secondary income and can provide up to $6000 per minute
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