Hi guys, I finally got around to finishing the Capture the Flag scripts project. This means that the script now exists in the following variants for download:

Available Capture the Flag Script Variations

2 Player Map ( 1v1 )
4 Player Map ( 1v1v1v1 )
4 Player Map ( 2v2 )
5 Player Map ( 1v1v1v1v1 )
6 Player Map ( 1v1v1v1v1v1 )
6 Player Map ( 2v2v2 )
8 Player Map ( 2v2v2v2 )

All scripts are provided here in template maps. In them, the starting positions and all objects, areas and waypoints necessary for the script are already fairly and evenly distributed.

So if you like Capture the Flag in Generals and want to create your own map for it, you can focus on the design of the map right away. The script already works in every template map.

Actually basic knowledge, but again for safety’s sake as a hint for mappers:
Resizing maps moves areas. Always check keep it in correct positions. If you are moving the startpositions and the flags, then make sure you keep the existing pairings of startpositions and flags! Don’t mix it, and notice the details of the flag, which is related to the scripts.

The general functionality and a FAQ will follow below. Detailed instructions for the script are included in the download package.

If there are open questions, please ask in the comments to this post.

Thanks again to Unknown Editor, Newgate ,SkyMix_RMT and Legionaire for their support.

FAQ for Capture the Flag:

  1. Why are the Flags always turn in back? Not in players (owners color)?
    => There are only the status information “uncaptured” (white flag), “capturing” (flashing flag) and “captured” (black flag).
    => Different players or teams can hold the same flag captured at same time. Example: Both send workers…
  2. How to capture? And how does it work at all?
    => Get any ground unit inside the circle around the flags. Ground units can capture from air too (inside a Chinook for example).
    => Combine 2 Flags to kill your opponent(s)! You need the Center Flag (always) and combine it with an enemys flag.
  3. Are there any restrictions to consider for fair play?
    => It is not allowed to capture the flag with mines. It can happen, so please don’t abuse that.
    => Ground Units inside Chinooks or Helixes can capture it from air. Don’t abuse it!
  4. Why flashes the flag still after unit died before it has captured it in time?
    => It flashes 3 times 5 seconds, that will always be for 5 sec at least. Earlier versions have up to 23 sec the blinking. dw
  5. Can I kill myself accidentally?
    => No.
  6. How to get someone killed in Team-Maps?
    => Still 2 Flags to combine. Both player of a team can activate 1 flag separately and it counts both.
    => Always the Flag in the center plus the flag of the enemy, which you want to loose.
  7. Do I need to kill the other players via capturing only?
    => No.
  8. Can 2 player capture same flag at same time?
    => Yes. More than 1 player can hold a flag at same time.
  9. Does it count flags from both players in team map?
    => Yes. It counts teamwise.
  10. Can I team up like I want to?
    => No. FFA version allow to kill every other player to kill you.
    => In 2v2v2v2 version you need to have a team of 2 players to get it activated. Start Team-Maps pairwise!
  11. Can I send feedback anywhere????
    => Yes, please! On https://Generals-Maps.com or on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb9hORvIcTg

=>> Update for Downloadlink follows soon

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