Island Hopping

Island Hopping

by spyVspy

The goal in this single player mission is to push the enemy off a string of small islands. Use Chinooks to move your troops and tanks between islands. You will start with two Chinooks with some infantry, and a construction dozer. Resources and build space will be scarce until you progress.

STAGE I: After securing the starting base, you must launch an attack on a larger island to the east. Be sure not to let your Chinooks be shot down, you will need to carry your dozer over after taking the island. Build a larger attack force with the space and resources here.

STAGE II: Survey the pair of islands to the north. There is a US airfield you can capture there. This island is better defended, so choose your point of entry carefully. If you defeat the defenders and take the airfield, the enemy will try to counterattack by air and sea.

STAGE III: Now you need to wipe out the large enemy base on the big island. There are heavy fixed defenses along the shore, plus lots of tanks around the base. Find a point to break through the line and insert an invasion force.

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