The 7 Gates to Hell

Another old Generals Mission from 2003. Somehow, I didn’t triggered the win in the end. Maybe I should have killed the radio building in the end? But anyways, it was fun.
Mappers Note:
“The 7 Gates to Hell” Mission Briefings
Sequel to “Operation Snake Hunt”

Welcome Commander, unfortunately the good work we did in Operation Snake Hunt was not the success we originally thought it was. Abdul Ben Laden has body doubles and it was one of his best we assassinated, we tested the DNA samples brought back to the lab and they confirmed it wasn’t him we got.

He has established a new base in the mountains that is a masterpiece of defense, a true stronghold in the strictest sense. They call the route in to the base “The Seven Gates to Hell”……because that’s where they send unwanted visitors. Unfortunately he also has captured Top Secret information from that joint base we lost to the GLA 6 months ago while under a massive GLA assault. He has used this information to duplicate our weapons technology and has almost finished his own version of a Chinese Nuclear Rocket.

This Nuclear facility, though still under construction is now operational and a test launch of his first Nuclear Warhead is scheduled within days. We cannot permit Abdul Ben Laden to implement nuclear weapons, the USA and China, the whole world….. is under direct threat of annihilation by this madman. He has captured and occupied a small village and is using the village as a terrorist training camp. The poor Villagers are due to be executed shortly at a GLA prison camp located across the river.

Your Mission Commander is to destroy all his Chemical Weapons facilities, free the Villagers and stop the executions, recapture our base and use the existing facilities to produce the weapons you’ll need to destroy and root out the GLA from the village. Abdul Ben Laden has a personal mansion located outside the new base at the top of a mountain pass, it’s very well defended. He has personal body guards at all times with him and has a captured American Chinook Helicopter ready and fueled for escape. Recon has found an old railroad bridge that may be used to enter the “Backdoor” to his compound. Execute Abdul Ben Laden and lead an assault to wipe out the new GLA base from existence Commander.

Nothing but an absolute scorched earth policy is acceptable on this mission commander, take no prisoners and destroy everything with the stink of GLA on it…….we mean EVERYTHING Commander.

There is a Communications facility just inside the first gate, use Black Lotus to capture and enter the facility, each time she enters the facility to activate the radio equipment we’ll back you up with reinforcements air dropped by the Chinese. This initial Armor force should be sufficient to fight your way into our abandoned base where you can build the weapons needed for a major Joint US and Chinese assault on the GLA………….Good Luck Commander……your going to need it……don’t let Back Lotus become a casualty or the mission is lost, you need her talents once you find our base……by the way, rumor has it that some engineers hid a couple construction dozers just north of the base in a deep canyon, this information is unconfirmed but would be worth checking out Commander.

Created By:

David Paularena
AKA Tunakillerr
Las Vegas, NV

  • Stupid_Bot

    bug detected, the helicopter doesn’t flee when the helicopter putting down their comrades…
    i hope it will fixed soon……..
    the helicopters being shooted by the Rocket Launcer Guy..
    and i loosed my mission because of that, and i didn’t even start my mission..

    — Mate.

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