GLA Genesis

Another treasure from the old times… This is a very well done custom single player mission for GLA for the classic Generals. GLA Genesis! Check that out. I want to add the mapper notice:

“GLA Genesis-THE BEGINNING” Mission Briefings
Prequel to “Operation Snake Hunt”

(NOTE! Operation Snake was selected as the 1st Place Winner in EA Generals Single Player Mission Contest and EA games now owns the copy write for it, if you haven’t played Operation Snake Hunt, it can be downloaded directly from the EA Games Web Page for Generals)

“GLA Genesis-THE BEGINNING is the first Single Player mission of the “Abdul Ben Laden” Saga.
You will be witness to the events that led a once Rogue Moslem Cleric to transform himself into “Abdul Ben Laden”, the founder and head of the GLA Terrorist Organization. Your mission is simple Commander, cleanse the Villages and Oil Fields of the American dogs and destroy their base of operations. The mission is simple Commander…….the task at hand is not! May Allah be you Commander!

Special Note: The Intro is quite detailed and there are a lot of scripts firing in the background with a lot of stuff being set up, so depending on your processor speed and video card, it may play a bit slow during the intro…..after the Intro the game plays normally. If you are lucky enough to have a High End System, running the settings at max delivers a lot of eye candy during the Intro.

Created By:
David Paularena
AKA Tunakillerr
Las Vegas, NV

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